Rift of World Tips and Common Knowledge

Guide by StevenAbraham. Click here to go to the original Reddit post.

Been running Rift for a bit now and here something I noticed that might help with team building.

  • make sure you utilize all 3 leader skills, they help significantly more than they do in other game aspects
  • immunity is helpful however with the dragons buff removal it can be a bit useless if it’s used at the wrong time
  • cleansing skills are quite usefull, think about old-school dragon teams with kona
  • a lot of great monsters are deemed bad because of oblivion. Monsters who don’t rely on a passive for there core use are at an advantage
  • glancing debuff, def buff, and crit reduce buff and all really really helpful
  • Defence buff + no defence break can make the dragon do baby damage. Not a threat at all
  • monsters with single target heals and buffs aren’t particularly usefull unless they bring a lot more to the table.
  • resistance is OP, try to run a res leader
  • despite the fact that dots aren’t an option, survivability is still the way to go
  • pretty obvious, but if your guys keep dying, bring a rezzer

All this being said this is what I read from threads, talking in chat, and experiance. This is new content and heaven knows if this is all false.