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The formula used to calculate these multipliers is the following:

Damage = (monster base Attack) x (Skill Multiplier)

Example: Fire Amazon (1st skill)

Damage = 802 x 315% = 802 x 3.15 = 2526.3

Be aware of:

  • This table is a Beta version and it is not completed yet. It will be updated gradually.
  • Calc in Progress: are┬áthose skills which its damage multiplier is a composition of more than one stat (for example, Beast Monk 1st skill in influenced by Attack and Max HP). They will be calculated in future updates.
  • No Data: are those skills from which we don’t have multiplier yet.
  • Dash: those skills that don’t inflict damage.

IMPORTANT: Skills Damage Output are based in the Attack base of monsters at lvl 40 and awakened.

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