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  1. it would be grate if you could do the review with monsters more common, like ramagos, water inugami, fairys, harpus and that stuff. aprecciate a response

  2. Hey! I really like your work here.

    Can I request a monster review? How about Magical archers or amazon?

    I noticed that some reviews doesn’t have a graph bar of the stats. I really liked that. It’s the kind of info hard to find on such a easy way to read it.

    Also the worth to evolve x* notes on fairy review is very much new player’s friendly. That is some kind of info that should be on all the monster reviews.

    Anyways glad I’m to found this website.

    best regards

    • ggRPG thank you very much!

      As requested very soon Magical Archer and Amazon will be included on the website with the graph bar of the stats and the worth to evolve.

  3. Would you continue to make other moster revieuws? Because I like your layout and the way you do everything, but you’re still missing lots of monsters.

    • Hello Drumone,

      Thank you very much!
      I will add more monsters in next days, until all of them will be included. Any especial requirement?

  4. Hey, I like your reviews! Can you make them for more common monsters such as 2 stars and can you have the Feed/Evolve in every review? THANKS!

  5. Hello! I really enjoy this site and it helps a lot! I just noticed that the water samurai is jun according o this site, I would fix that.

    Thanks for your time put into this site.

  6. Hai! 😀
    I just noticed that water brownie magician and Dark battle mammoth didn’t have runes, I sort of thought thay would both be beller WITH runes, maybe I’m wrong but if not plz add ty! 😀

  7. When are new monsters coming in for the list??

    It really helps a lot to have this website, but i’m just sad a lot of new monsters are missing..


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