Progression focus – Detailed Step-by-step beginners guide

Guide by u/Derpilios

What would be the best way to progress in the game without investing too much time and money getting nowhere, like haft a year playing and can’t get over GB10 yet. So I decided to make a brief guide for those fellows with progression focus.

To set the context and proof, I don’t really play that much but can auto GB10 with a bit more than 3 mins 100% success rate, auto DB 10 at 80% success rate (will be 100% after rune removal day as I got some nice runes to upgrade my team, I hope), Fighter 2 weekly arena after playing for more than 3 months. It’s not that impressive but I believe it’s not too bad.

Here’s the guide, speaking from own experience. Please keep in mind that this guide will only be useful for those who seek a way to get as far as possible in the game with less time, which means Auto GB10 first -> TOAn 50/60 -> Auto DB10 -> Toa normal. If you like to have fun, play as you want to play and don’t care about the progression, I respect your preference but you may find this guide irrelevant.

Important note: My experience is limited so I’d appreciate if anyone can give inputs so I could optimize the guide. I will try my best to update those feedbacks to this post and really love to hear your points. Also, this is my roadmap, from my own experience of what I did and some may find it to be too detailed to follow. But in case you’re lost or you’re looking for a fast way without hesitating too much, this could be a hint.

And sorry if I make any grammatical/spelling mistakes, not a native speaker and warm greeting from Vietnam.

So… Let’s get to the points.

1. Why that roadmap?

  • This game is not about how many 6* monsters you have but how good your rune sets are and the game is designed as acquiring runes from Giant to be able to farm Dragon. The runes from those dungeons will help you to do well PvE wise and fairly good in PvP. Then you’ll move to Necro to acquire better sets for PvP. It’s that simple. TOA is to test how your monsters box fits in different scenarios and how diversified your monsters combinations are.

2. The rules:

  • Never buy scrolls pack. Refills are better, money wise.

Well, “never” is a bit extreme. Just don’t be tempted to get lost in gambling. Sure, 1 pack is nice from the very beginning as you won’t get too much from energy refills at low level when you haven’t maxed your energy tower (or at least 70 energy) and you might get some fusion materials/fodders to speed up the first steps or a more variety of monsters box to choose – Thanks to inputs from @ n_e_r_d103 & @ sylfy. I personally bought 1 and only 1.

  • Never build any monsters that can only be used for 1 purpose/map. That’s a waste of time. For example: In my first account, I played for 2 months, 6* a fire inugami. Farming scenario map was good, but I can’t use him anywhere else. Stuck in B6 Giant for way to long. I never made that same mistake when I changed the server and made a fresh deck.

  • Don’t believe people who say “you should six star your farmer first”. This is not progression wise since a 6* monster can’t do a thing without a good rune set and a team of 5* mons can do a good job farming dungeons with good synergy. Remember, runes are way more important and Cairo gives the best runes.

  • Focus on 1 team at a time. If you can’t auto GB10 at 100%, don’t touch Dragon. Focus is the key to success.

  • Don’t power up a rune to 15, unless is 5-6* with good sub-stats. It’s a waste of your hard-earned mana and you’ll get better runes as you farm. Except when you’re desperate for a bit stat less. Example: I had to 15^ 2 violent runes for my Verde as he’s 10% from 100% CR and he’s lack of speed so I 15^ slot 2 & 4 after 2 weeks farming DB8 with no luck in drop.

  • Don’t 6* all of mons in your team. To save time of course. 6 starring will only enhance the core attributes (hp, def, attack) so as long as you haven’t given that monster at least a 5* rune set with 12/15, don’t 6*.

  • Arena: Spend all of your arena invitations everyday, even if you lose, you’ll still get 1 point. Set very low defense to keep yourself in the low rank, this will help you to face easy opponents. Try to get at least 180 glory points and buy a devilmon every week. Save all of them for later use. Only use to skill up nat5 or very nice nat4 (Lushen for example) and that guy must be a part of your core team. In this case, Veromos. The remaining points will be spent on maxing energy towers. Don’t buy any scrolls from glory shop.

  • Magic shop: I don’t remember exactly at which level you’ll get 5/6* runes from the shop but it’s around lv22 and lv30 I believe. Expand all the remaining slots as you progress. You’ll sometimes get very good deal of runes & mystical scrolls from this one.

3. The time-optimized-progression

Let’s jump to this, 4 then.

4. Beating scenarios:

  • Get friends with good reps, of course. This will help you to get over the whole scenario with less than 3 days. As you reach level 8, go to chat, ask for help, there’s a lot of generous people out there will add you, give you their rep monsters so you can get over the maps quite easily. Remember, remove them after use, it’s a nice thing to do as people would love to help for once but you can’t give any benefits back to them and they can only remove 5 friends per day. Manner wise.

  • For the reward of last map, get that Energy 5* runes set. Will explain next. But this can be changed to a fatal set if you decide to go the other way.

5. Your first farmer – Yes, farmer (only at the beginning of the game)

  • Ramagos: he’s easy to get, easy to max skills and can farm Tamor Hell at 5* with the above runes set. This map will benefit you with other purpose as well: Max skill Bernard, the wind Griffon, the one that will stick with you from the beginning to the end of time (explain later). Ramagos is nice since he’s the only one that can farm hell level with such low level and runes requirements, he’s also good in Arena, Guild war… later on. If you’re lucky enough to get better pull, like a nat5, gz! if you’re not, Ramagos is wonderful. Keep him as 5* with 9^ triple energy runes from the last quest for now.

input from @ niepra: Find a farmer than can farm hell levels with runes in your reach, Ramagos filled this role for me. But try to find the one that can farm Tamor hell as you would want to max skill Bernard and later on Veromos can farm this map in ~1 min

  • Fire Inu or water warbear is good and easy to acquire but I can’t see its use anywhere else in the early game. So, build a Ramagos and save time. Anyway, this is how I did it and the choice is yours.

6. First Giant team

  • Why Giant first? Why not do every Cairo dungeons as high as you can? Because the rune sets from Giant is enough for beginners like us. and you can’t do Dragon 7/8 without being able to auto GB10 first. So, better not waste your precious energy to get shitty 4* runes from low level dragons.

  • Which monsters to build who will last to GB10? Time wise, a team of wind monsters is the best since your ultimate goal is GB10 and it’s water. At first, your target will be Giant B7, it’s dark, it’s neutral. With a wind team you’ll be able to work on GB7, elemental wise, then move to GB8, which is wind – neutral again, as long as you can auto GB7. Then farm GB8 for some time before deciding to go for GB10, water, yessss. 1 consistent team from GB7 to GB10 would save a lot of your time, right? (of course there will be some slight changes)

  • So… Giant team. The key to Giant is not how much damage you deal but how well you manage to stay alive. 3 essential players for your team are: (1) A healer, of course. (2) A speed buffer. Turn advantage is hugely important. (3) A Def buffer to survive. The other 2 slots are optional based on your monster box.

  • GB6 down is too easy, wouldn’t bore you to death talking about them. The first team for GB7 is: (1) Belladeon – Light Inugami. He heals, he breaks def, he strips beneficial effect on giant. Say no more. (2) Shannon – Wind Pixie. She buffs def & attack, she slows enemies (& stun as well if equipped with despair runes set), she applies glancing hit. One of the best mons out there. (3) Bernard – Wind Griffon: Speed/attack bar buff, def/attack break. These 3 will stick to you to late game so it’s worth building them. And try to 5* them as soon as possible. Don’t 6* anyone just yet. 5* is enough. For slot 4 & 5: Personally I’d recommend to build a Darion – light vagabond & Konamiya – Water gaguda as them 2 will be used later on as well. Darion will help to reduce incoming damage & extra heal from Kona (extra turn as well). Ramagos will help you 5* them fast in Tamor hell.

  • So the members of first GB7 team are all 5*: Bernard – Bella – Shannon – Darion – Konamiya. (Last 2 are optional but recommended)

  • Farm GB7 continuously until you can auto it 100%. Best sets for team can be acquired from this dungeon: Bernard (Swift + whatever, speed/hp%,def%, speed & accuracy substats) Shannon (Despair + whatever), Bella (Swift + whatever, speed/hp%/def%, speed & accuracy substats), Darion (triple energy, Hp%/Hp%/Hp% or def%), Kona (tripple energy or swift energy, hp%/hp%/hp% with speed substats). Darion & Kona will also be helpful for later use (raid, arena, dragon…)

  • After fully auto Gb7, it’s time to think about GB8. I fused a Baretta at this point since his skills set is good for this particular map and he’ll also help with elemental halls and will be essential later on in TOA. 5* & get him awaken. Equip him with Despair + focus (get the focus runes from scenario first or you can replace with whatever 2set that has good accuracy subs), speed/hp%/acc% or hp%/hp%/accuracy%. You’ll want him to get as much accuracy as possible to land DOTs. Replace Kona by Baretta and you got yourself a GB8 team. Baretta leads of course.

  • Continue farming GB8 until all units of your team has at least 15K HP & 800 def. Specifically, Bernard needs >190 speed, Bella >180 speed.

  • Now it’s time to fuse Veromos. Don’t forget to save all of his fusion materials along the way and save him a good Swift set.

  • After fusing Veromos, 6 him*, give him your best Swift set with speed/hp%/hp% & nice speed, accuracy substats. This guy is a god and will change your game. He’ll be your best friend to the end of time. Almost every where.

  • Now you’re probably able to auto GB10 already with this team: Vero (lead) + Bella + Bernard + Shannon + Darion. My first team was the same except I had Acasis instead of Darion but both will do the job. This team will be slow, ~5-6 mins/run but safe.

  • Farm GB10 to optimize the runes for your core team. Confident now? Let’s think about Dragon.

7. TOAn 50/60

After GB10, your team is probably strong enough to go for TOAn, at least floor 50/60. Check it & do it. Let alone the small amount of summoning stones, the reward of rainbowmons, scrolls & crystal worth it. F70 maybe too tough for now.

8. Dragon

If Giant is about survival, Dragon is about speed and cleansing. As long as you’re fast enough to cleanse all the dots, Dragon is easy.

  • Let’s aim high. Dragon 8 first. It sounds crazy but since we got a plan in our hand from the beginning, it’s not that crazy at all. Remember the water gaguda you built previously for GB7? Now he’s useful again. Replace Darion in your GB10 team with Konamiya and it’s a solid DB8 team, this is my first dragon team too. Re-rune him with swift-energy speed/hp%/hp%. If you find yourself dying too much, you’re probably not fast enough. The def & hp requirements for GB10 is enough for DB8. Go back to Giant 10, farm for a while and speed up your team then you’ll be good to go.

  • Farm DB8 for a while and gather fusion materials for Sigmarus – Water Phoenix. At the same time, build a Water mystic witch (Megan).

  • 6 Sigmarus*, give him a nice Fatal/Blade set with attack%/Crit damage%/Attack% with CR/CD/Speed substats. Now replace Darion in your GB10 team with Sigmarus and you’ll see that 2 mins reduction in your run time. He’ll be your water damage dealer in PvP as well, suppose you haven’t pulled any cool nat5 attackers.

  • 5 Megan.* She’ll help in Dragon, Arena, Guild war.

  • Gather all those Violent & focus runes and re-rune Veromos with Violent/Focus. If you can do the same for Bella, go for it.

  • Depends on your pull, your DB10 team will be slightly different. I was lucky enough to pull a Verdehile but suppose you don’t, fuse a Water Udine. She’ll help you in DB10 as reviver, in TOA, Guild war, Arena as well.

  • Now you have yourself a DB10 team: Sigmarus (lead) + Veromos + Bella + Megan + Konamiya/Water Udine(Mikene). All 6* except last slot if you’re lazy like me but you’ll have to upgrade your runes.

9. After Dragon:

Now I believe you know what you’re doing and you can focus on either TOA/Necro/Raid. This will be really dependent on your pulls/monsters box and there’s plenty of guides out there in this sub. I myself can only reach TOA70 uptil now and farming dragon to strengthen my team so I would not talk about this, it’ll make me a fool. Haha.

10. Crystal – packs – Mystical scrolls: Yes, it’s tempting.

I myself never buy packs. I wouldn’t care to be a f2p or p2p. I give money to com2us too but never buy summoning packs. I only use my money to get crystal for fill-ups. The crystals are more beneficial for refills and farm dungeons. This will give you good runes for your monsters and also you can get mystical scrolls from it as well. Also you’ll get a lot of rainbowmons which will help you to 6* monsters much faster. 1 stone hits truckload of birds, right?

Sum up, your core monsters are: Veromos 6*, Sigmarus 6*, Bernard 5*, Bella 6*, Shannon, Darion, Megan, Mikene, Konamiya, Baretta (mostly 5* ), Ramagos 5* . Not much, right? And guess what? Auto GB10 & DB10, all farmable, all monsters can be used in various situations. Again, this is just a guide for beginners with no luck in summons but if you find yourself a good replacement, go for it but keep in mind the runes, the team are more important than a single monster. I got a Lushen but leave him as 5* in my box since he’s not useful for my current teams. Sure I will build him later but not now.

You might also want to check out TheMotivationalGamer’s channel on Youtube. He gave great advice for beginners, focus on progression. I learnt so much from him. Would not talk more about rune/mana management since this post is way too long already.

Thank you for reading and please give feedback to help all of us beginners.