Giant’s B10 Drop Rates – Graphical View

Welcome to the Giant’s Keep B10 Drop Rates Summoners War. In this post you will see all the drops in Giant’s Keep B10 and their drop rates.

Giant’s Keep B10 (water element) is one of the dungeons in the Cairos Dungeon. Defeating the Giant will award players with a random Rune, which can be of any set, although Despair Runes are primarily found here.  This dungeon is always open once you have cleared Giant’s Keep B9.

774 iterations have been performed for the creation of this Summoners War Guide. In Beathem, we believe that this data is enough to give exactly numbers in terms of drop (with a 5% of confidence interval), at this stage can help to beginners and experts to have an idea of what can they obtain from Giant’s Keep B10

giants b10 summoners war

Now that you have an idea about the drop in Giant’s Keep B10, you can decide either if it worths to spend your energy there or not =D

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