Hydeni Ruins Hell Drop Summoners War Guide

Welcome to the Summoners War Hydeni Ruins Drop Guide. In this  post you will see all the drops in Hydeni Ruins Hell , South (5) and the drop rates.

Hydeni Ruins is the sixth area in the scenario area of the Battle Map, and is available to players after completing Telain Forest in normal mode. The area is not particularly difficult to complete, with all water monsters .

Drop Info

  • 2-Set Focus Rune (Accuracy +20%)
  • Monsters
    • High Elemental (Water) ★★★
    • Howl (Water) ★★
    • Elemental (Water) ★★
    • Low Elemental (Water) ★
  • Unknown Scrolls
  • 2 Stars Rainbowmon

300 iterations have been performed for the creation of this Summoners War Guide. In Beathem, we know that this data is not enough to give exactly numbers in terms of drop, but at this stage can help to beginners to have an idea of what can they obtain from Hydeni Ruins Hell South. This database is increasing the number of iterations gradually and will be updated monthly.

summoners war guide drop

Now that you have an idea about the drop in Hydeni Ruins Hell South, you can decide either if it worth to spend your energy there or not =D

* If you have any comment or input for this data base we encourage you to leave a comment in the comment box below. We will answer as soon as any member of the Beathem team is online.


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  • Robert

    Hey, thank you for your tests and guides, but the exp/energy number is wrong here.

    • Beathem

      Hello Robert,

      Thank you very much.
      Exp/energy is calculated including Regain (energy back). The formula is 7200/(5-0.8)=1714

  • Ben Curls

    Hi Beathem,

    Nice work there!
    I just wanna ask, what grade of Runes dropped in that stage? how many stars?

    • Beathem

      Hello Ben! In stage 7 (the boss stage) you can get 5 stars runes (however they are quite rare). The slot is random and the rarity is either grey or green.

  • Jaggerjacques

    Is this the best manastone farm?