Faimon Volcano Drop and Drop Rates – Graphical View

Welcome to the Faimon Volcano Drop and Drop Rates Summoners War. In this post you will see all the drops in Faimon (Normal/Hard/Hell) and their drop rates.

Faimon Volcano is the ninth area in the scenario area of the Battle Map, and is available to players after completing Vrofagus Ruins in normal mode. The area mainly consists of lava from the volcano. The area is particularly difficult to complete, with the first half consisting of offensive fire monsters, and the last half consisting of non-elemental (Pure) monsters.

Drop Info

  • 4-Set Violent Rune (Get Extra Turn +20%)
  • Monsters
    • Inugami (Fire) ★★★
    • Hellhound (Fire) ★★
    • Salamander (Fire) ★★★
  • Unknown Scrolls
  • 2 Stars Rainbowmon

faimon drop summoners war

faimon drop summoners war

faimon drop summoners war

Now that you have an idea about the drop in Faimon Volcano, you can decide either if it worth to spend your energy there or not =D

* If you have any comment or input for this data base we encourage you to leave a comment in the comment box below.

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  • Gabrenth

    I wonder if this is the same for all scenario maps. awesome post!

  • Anonymus

    This Graphs are nice, but Violent Runes doesn´t drop there. Only Revenge Runes can be dropped there.