Arena Offense: Seara, Chasun, Belladeon, Teshar

Arena Offense:

Water Beware



Violent+Focus (Atk%/Atk%/Acc%)

HP = 14,464
Atk = 2,250
Def = 833
Spd = 130
CritRate = 27%
CritDmg = 59%
Res = 47%
Acc = 90%



Violent+Energy (HP%/HP%/HP%)

HP = 38,847
Atk = 935
Def = 888
Spd = 134
CritRate = 34%
CritDmg = 59%
Res = 58%
Acc = 15%



Violent+Energy (Spd/HP%/Def%)

HP = 22,311
Atk = 651
Def = 1,349
Spd = 180
CritRate = 32%
CritDmg = 66%
Res = 50%
Acc = 51%



Fatal+Blade (Atk%/CritDmg%/Atk%)

HP = 12,370
Atk = 2,853
Def = 665
Spd = 136
CritRate = 62%
CritDmg = 164%
Res = 42%
Acc = 25%

Leader Skill

Thesar (+24% Speed ally monsters)

Arena Level

Fighter III

Attack Order

Belladeon > Chasun > Teshar > Seara



Strategy (How to use it)

1- Belladeon

With 180spd and Seara’s Lader Skill, Belladeon will go first. Use 3rd skill to make sure the rest follow. (If Vio proc, def break as many mons as procs allow)

2 – Chasun

She goes second with Amuse (2nd skill) to buff atk (if Vio proc, use first skill on whatever 2 mons you plan on leaving alive for possible glancing hit if they atk)

3 – Teshar

Goes third, depending on mons he’s atk’n, he will either use his 2nd (if high hp monster) or 3rd skill (if multiple low hp atk/support mons). With atk buff, he should be able to take out at least one monster.

4 – Seara

BOMB!!! Use her take out the toughest monster left (I even use her on fire mons and still one shot them) (If Vio proc, just spam first skill, try not to use on fire because you want crit for her atb fill)

After the first turn you should have taken out at least 1 mon most likely 2, the rest should be support, healer or hp mons who with Belladeon’s def break, massive healing from chasun & bella & high dmg from teshar & seara should be easy work.

Negatives: Teshar does huge dmg but is fairly squishy, he can die easily if out turned, but with healing and atb fill Seara can easily pull the team without him.

Note: Yes, I understand that my spd on chasun/teshar dont match the atk order above. I built the spd tower and it threw it out of wack. Working to spd up or spd down to get back to where I was in atk order.

Point is, no water team will live! Wind/light/dark teams are knocked out pretty easily, so Fire is the only one you watch out for with this team. If there is 1 fire mon the team will be fine, If there is two, try to rethink your team (I switch Vanessa out for teshar and use her lead). Pretty much, the only time I lose with this team is if they have too much fire mons to handle.

Thx for reading, hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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