AD META – The Triangle [Guide]

Guide by madpugz (Scatfetis on Global). Click here to go to the original Reddit post.

G3 AD builds – high level strategies to work towards as you progress:

guide summoners war arena defense

Speed team

The ish: Leader, Bernard, Fire Vamp, Nuker


[Definition of nuker: AOE – kills two of their units at a minimum turn 1, 20-30k ish dmg]

  • Pro: Speed clearers will dodge you if you are faster
  • Con: For those motivated to switch their AO in the last hour – very easy to bruiser you out . These builds suffer a lot without a way to handle will runes/immunity.


The ish: Super speedy AOE despair/dispel, paired with utility healer [cc’s and heals] and AOE CC units tanky Zaiross, Vero, Sea kings etc. – win through turn advantage and CC, DOTS etc.


  • Pro – you dont have a bad matchup
  • Con – you dont have a good matchup – midrange builds often times require strong units that can consolidate 2/3 purposes into one. This is where all your swiss army knife units thrive.

Bruiser / Tank

The ish: You build to survive burst and hopefully have enough gas left to turn the tide with big heals and violent procs: Darion, Camilla, Rezzers, nemesis healers etc


  • Pro – Decent matchup vs speed teams – wont be farmed if built correct
  • Con – very complex to find the correct ratio of offense/defense to ensure a win condition (especially with the new water pirate)

Improve your AD by understanding


Theo/Chloe is not G3 quality – these units typically “attempt to” compensate for poor runing or lack of team synergy/game plan.