[Event] Fall Special King Angelmon Event

king angelmon summoners war

The King Angelmon Event will begin!

Feed your Angelmons with Cookies and help them become King Angelmons!

Also, don’t forget to trade your leftover Cookies with random rewards!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Please check below for more details.

 Event Schedule

From Sept. 21st 12am – Oct. 3rd 8am PDT (Global Server)

From Sept. 21st 3pm – Oct. 3rd 11pm TST (Asia Server)

From Sept. 21st 9am – Oct. 3rd 5pm CEST (Europe Server)

 Event Details

Event 1. Give the Angelmon Cookies and get a King Angelmon!

– You can get the Cookies from all Scenario areas and the Cairos Dungeons. (Secret Dungeon excduded)

– A single Angelmon can eat up to 10 Cookies, and transforms into a King Anglemon when    the Angelmon has eaten all 10 Cookies.

*When an Angelmon has transformed into a King Angelmon, a button will appear. Tap the button to have the King Angelmon sent to your inbox.

Event 2. Give Cookies and Get Rewards!

Get rewards by giving 5/10/15/20/30 Cookies to your Angelmons!

(The Cookies given to all three attribute Angelmons will be counted together. The rewards will be automatically sent to your Inbox once the milestone is reached.)  

[Check-in Rewards]​

5 Cookies Eaten – 50 Energy

10 Cookies Eaten – 50,000 Mana Stones

15 Cookies Eaten – 1 Mystical Scroll

20 Cookies Eaten – 150 Crystals

30 Cookies Eaten – 1 Devilmon

Event 3. Get Random Gifts!  Grow all three King Angelmons and get random gifts for the Cookies that are left!  

The following gifts will be sent out randomly: Mystical Scroll/EXP Booster/Energy/Crystal/Mana Stones/Attribute Essences.


– Cookies will only be accumulated during the event, and will disappear after the event is over. 

 Cookies used for Event 1 and Event 3 will be deducted as soon as it has been used, and the item will be sent to your Inbox. 

 The rewards for Event 2 will automatically be sent to your Inbox when you reach the relevent milestones. 

 The Water/Fire/Wind King Angelmon will be sent to your Inbox after you’ve given 10 Cookies 

  to each Attribute Angelmon and tap the Collect button. (1 time each) 

– Rewards available until Oct. 4th 8am PDT (Global Server), Oct. 4th 11pm TST (Asia Server), Oct. 4th 5pm CEST (Europe Server)

– Please note that the events will be held in the PDT for the Global Server, in the TST for the Asia Server and in the CEST for the Europe Server.

 If you can’t see the item sent to your Inbox, please try restarting the game. 

 If you are logged in when the event starts, the application of the event may be delayed. If this is the case, please try restarting the game. 

 For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting http://www.withhive.com/help/inquire

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