Rift of Worlds: World Boss and Transmogrification Update

Hi, this is the Summoners War team.

We’re here with some news about the World Boss and Transmogrification Update.

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– The World Boss is a large-scale auto battle content where you take a large number of Monsters into battle. It’s about finding out who is the strongest among the Celestial Islands or who has the strongest legion of Monsters.

– There will be a single World Boss per server. The World Boss is a powerful and gigantic Monster and it will require the cooperation of all users in the server to defeat it.

– The World Boss coming out this time will have the Attributes of Water and Fire. There will be Attribute bonus damage, so it would be best if you could bring as many Monsters with the upper hand Attribute into the fight. 

-The story regarding the World Boss relates with the Dimensional Rifts. So, it will be available once you’ve cleared the Dimensional Rift. Also, as mentioned in last time’s Developer’s Note, the real-time Raid content will open via a scenario after completing a single World Boss battle.

summoners war world boss


– You can bring 10 – 20 Monsters into battle at once.

– You can participate in the World Boss battle up to 3 times a day. Monsters must be at least Lv. 30 to enter and Material Monsters are not allowed.

– The same Monster can enter a World Boss battle only once per day. This restriction resets at midnight.

– The amount of damage dealt to the World Boss is calculated based on how well the Monster has been trained. The Monster training value will be converted into battle power and this will be what decides the final damage output. Because of this, instead of plain attack type Monsters, it is more important to bring Monsters that are well trained and have the upper hand Attribute.

– The World Boss has a fixed amount of HP. With the cooperation of every Summoner in the server, it will be possible to quickly defeat the World Boss. Show us what you’ve got!

– Once the World Boss has been defeated, it will respawn after 6 hours. During this time, the score tallying and clearance reward will be sent out. More details about the reward will be explained below.


– The rewards for the World Boss battle can be divided into two parts.

– The first reward is the Battle Reward which will be given at the end of each battle.

: At the end of each battle, you will be given a grade within the range of F – SSS according to the amount of damage you’ve done to the World Boss. You will be given a reward box that matches your grade. The quantity and quality of the reward will increase as your grade becomes higher.

  • Grade SSS: 8 items
  • Grade SS: 8 items
  • Grade S: 8 items
  • Grade A+: 7 items
  • Grade A: 7 items
  • Grade A-: 7 items
  • Grade B+: 6 items
  • Grade B: 6 items
  • Grade B-: 6 items
  • Grade C: 5 items
  • Grade D: 5 items
  • Grade F: 5 items

The following items will be available for the reward box.

  • Monster:
    • Devilmon
    • King Angelmon (Water/Fire/Wind/Light/Dark)
    • Summoning Scroll
    • Legendary Scroll
    • Mystical Scroll
    • Attribute Scroll (Water/Fire/Wind)
  • In-game currency:
    • Mana Stones
    • Crystals
  • Pieces:
    • Summoning Stones
    • Legendary Summoning Pieces
    • Summoning Pieces of Light &Dark
  • Essences:
    • Essence (High) [Attribute, Magic]
    • Essence (Mid) [Attribute, Magic]
    • Essence (Low) [Attribute, Magic]
  • Rune
    • Rune (3 Star and up)

– A single reward may contain several of the same reward. For example, your may get several Mana Stone rewards from the reward box or you may get several Crystal rewards, if you’re lucky enough.

– Another type of reward will be the Clearance Reward, which comes out when the World Boss has been defeated.

: When the World Boss dies, the total damage that each player has done will be tallied and graded. Players will be rewarded with Crystals according to this grade.

  • Grade: Legend – 300 Crystals
  • Grade: Grand Master 3 – 250 Crystals
  • Grade: Grand Master 2 – 200 Crystals
  • Grade: Grand Master 1 – 175 Crystals
  • Grade: Master 3 – 150 Crystals
  • Grade: Master 2 – 125 Crystals
  • Grade: Master 1 – 100 Crystals
  • Grade: Elite 3 – 75 Crystals
  • Grade: Elite 2 – 50 Crystals
  • Grade: Elite 1 – 35 Crystals
  • Grade: Superior 3 – 20 Crystals
  • Grade: Superior 2 – 15 Crystals
  • Grade: Superior 1 – 10 Crystals
  • Grade: Novice – 5 Crystals


– Transmogrification allows you to change the looks of your Monster.

– In order to use Transmogrification, you first need to build the Transmogrification Building. The Transmogrification will cost you 100 Shapeshifting Stones and a certain amount of Mana Stones each time.

– Shapeshifting Stones will drop rarely in the Cairos Dungeon and the Raid. Transmogrification not only changes the looks of a Monster, but it also changes the visual effects of the skills and the Monster’s attack motions.

summoners war transmogrification

– We’re planning to make pre-Awoken versions for some Monsters to be available via Transmogrification with future updates.

Q & A

– Since the last Developer’s Note, a lot of users sent us questions. We would like to answer some of them right now.

Q. Does the Raid support match making? Or can we make our own team?
A. Basically the Raid supports automatic match making. But, you can also make a room and invite your friends or Guild members. We also plan to add a feature where you can invite other Summoners through chat. Jump into the Raid with your friends and fellow Summoners!

Q. How can I make a party?
A. You can make a private or public party through the party making menu. Here’s an image that may help you understand.

summoners war rift raid

Q. Can the same Monsters be used at once like the Cairos Dungeon?
A. Just like the Guild Battles or Trial of Ascension Hard Mode, you will not be able to use the same Monster within the same team.

Q. Can Leader Skills be stacked up?
A. Leader Skills of the same category can’t be stacked.
EX) Leader Skills such as [Increases Attack Power of Water Attribute by 50%] and [Increases Attack Power of Water Attribute by 30%] can’t be stacked. However, [Increases Attack Power of Water Attribute by 50%] and [Increases Attack Power by 30%] can be stacked.

Q. Does the same value apply for both Runes that have multiple sub-property values put into a single sub-property and normal Runes?
A. Yes, the value applied is fixed and will not be affected by the Power-up value.

Q. Is the numeric value only affected by the quality of the Gem?
A. Yes. For example, Legend grade Gems will possess more numeric value than Rare Gems.

Q. How many times can you use a Grindstone on a single Rune?
A. You can use as many Grindstones you want. But you must remember that no matter how many Grindstones you use, it will be based on the Rune’s original numeric value. Here’s an example.
Ex) Let’s say you used a +1~2% HP Grindstone on a 5% HP sub-property, and this resulted as a 7% HP sub-property. Even if you use another +1~2%HP Grindstone on this sub-property, this won’t become a +8~+9% sub-property. Grindstones will always add up on the base sup-property value. So in this case, the end result would be a Rune with +6~+7% HP sub-property.

Q. If you have an HP(%) sub-property, is it possible to change a different sub-property into an HP(%) sub-property?
A. No, that’s impossible.

Q. If you had 23% Resistance as a sub-property, can this be changed to 23% HP?
A. For Conversion, the numeric value displayed on the Enchanted Gem will be the end result. For instance, if it’s a +7% HP Gem, you can Convert a Rune sub-property into 7% HP. By the way, there are no 23% HP Gems.

Q. What’s the base Monster on the left side of the screen shot? Is that a Valkyja or a Sylphid?
A. Here’s the list of Monsters starting from the left side of the screen shot: Valkyrja, Vampire, Pixie, Slyph, Inugami.

We’re preparing to make this update available in December. We’ve put in a lot of hard work in this update and hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for more news on the update!

Thank you! You can find the original source here.

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