Runs required in order to Max a star level

Original idea by: MBlueD from Reddit (agreed). Original threat idea link

Welcome to the Summoners War “Runs required in order to Max a star level”.

This post will help you to know how many runs you need to do in each scenario in order to Max any stars monster. The data is divided in 70 tables categorised with the following criteria:

  • Number of Monster Stars (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6).
  • Double Exp / No Double Exp.
  • Farming mode (7 different options)

The following table will link you to the table you are looking for:

[table id=23 /]

Runs Required — 1 Farmer & 3 Fodder (No x2 EXP)


Runs Required — 1 Farmer & 2 Fodder (No x2 EXP)

2s-run-no2x-1far2fod 3s-run-no2x-1far2fod 4s-run-no2x-1far2fod 5s-run-no2x-1far2fod 6s-run-no2x-1far2fod

Runs Required — 1 Farmer & 1 Fodder (No x2 EXP)

2s-run-no2x-1far1fod 3s-run-no2x-1far1fod 4s-run-no2x-1far1fod 5s-run-no2x-1far1fod 6s-run-no2x-1far1fod

Runs Required — 1 Friend Rep & 3 Fodder (No x2 EXP)

2s-run-no2x-1rep3fod 3s-run-no2x-1rep3fod 4s-run-no2x-1rep3fod 5s-run-no2x-1rep3fod 6s-run-no2x-1rep3fod

Runs Required — 1 Friend Rep & 2 Fodder (No x2 EXP)

2s-run-no2x-1rep2fod 3s-run-no2x-1rep2fod 4s-run-no2x-1rep2fod 5s-run-no2x-1rep2fod 6s-run-no2x-1rep2fod

Runs Required — 1 Friend Rep & 1 Fodder (No x2 EXP)

2s-run-no2x-1rep1fod 3s-run-no2x-1rep1fod 4s-run-no2x-1rep1fod 5s-run-no2x-1rep1fod 6s-run-no2x-1rep1fod

Runs Required — 4 Fodder (No x2 EXP)

2s-run-no2x-4fod 3s-run-no2x-4fod 4s-run-no2x-4fod 5s-run-no2x-4fod 6s-run-no2x-4fod

Runs Required — 1 Farmer & 3 Fodder (x2 EXP)

2s-run-2x-1far3fod 3s-run-2x-1far3fod 4s-run-2x-1far3fod 5s-run-2x-1far3fod 6s-run-2x-1far3fod

Runs Required — 1 Farmer & 2 Fodder (x2 EXP)

2s-run-2x-1far2fod 3s-run-2x-1far2fod 4s-run-2x-1far2fod 5s-run-2x-1far2fod 6s-run-2x-1far2fod

Runs Required — 1 Farmer & 1 Fodder (x2 EXP)

2s-run-2x-1far1fod 3s-run-2x-1far1fod 4s-run-2x-1far1fod 5s-run-2x-1far1fod 6s-run-2x-1far1fod

Runs Required — 1 Friend Rep & 3 Fodder (x2 EXP)

2s-run-2x-1rep3fod 3s-run-2x-1rep3fod 4s-run-2x-1rep3fod 5s-run-2x-1rep3fod 6s-run-2x-1rep3fod

Runs Required — 1 Friend Rep & 2 Fodder (x2 EXP)

2s-run-2x-1rep2fod 3s-run-2x-1rep2fod 4s-run-2x-1rep2fod 5s-run-2x-1rep2fod 6s-run-2x-1rep2fod

Runs Required — 1 Friend Rep & 1 Fodder (x2 EXP)

2s-run-2x-1rep1fod 3s-run-2x-1rep1fod 4s-run-2x-1rep1fod 5s-run-2x-1rep1fod 6s-run-2x-1rep1fod

Runs Required — 4 Fodder (x2 EXP)

2s-run-2x-4fod 3s-run-2x-4fod 4s-run-2x-4fod 5s-run-2x-4fod 6s-run-2x-4fod

Really soon it will be included in a different post the energy required in order to max a monster.


  1. Data is off. Please check again. Also you can’t do a fraction of a run, so why have decimals in your data?

    For example, here is the correct data for 1 farmer 3 fodder 2* No double xp

    • You can’t do a fraction of a run, but it is as easy as rounding up the value. Sometimes, if the runs needed is for example 36.1, it is better to do 36 runs plus use a 1star fodder rahter than run 37 times. On this way, we let you to decide what is the best option.

      On the second hand, data is not off, experience data is coming from this previous guide

      In that guide it is explained where the experience data is coming from, but as a short resume I will tell you that is coming from the first stage of each scenario.

      Thank you very much for your feedback, we rrally appreciate it =)

  2. I think you made a mistake with the 4 fodders 2x-XP tables, they’re the same as the ones without boost in terms of runs needed

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