Sneak Peek of Guild Battle in Summoners War

Hello Summoners,
We are going to give you a sneak peek of the upcoming Guild Battle
that will be implemented in Summoners War
in the future!

Please note that this is still in development and contents may be subjected to change.

Guild Battle


Pre-Guild Battle Registration
Guild Wars will start on Sunday, 0:00 till 24:00 and the Guild Leader
and Vice-Leader is able to register for the war. You must select a league
consisting 10 or 20 guild member at the time of registration.

Start of the Guild Battle
Guild Battles will be weekly from Monday to Saturday. During the 6 days, you will
be able to battle 3 times. At the start of the Guild Battle, the Guild Leader of Vice-Leader
can initiate the battle once they press “Start”.

Both guilds will battle for one hour simultaneously and the automatic matching will
be decided by guild points. For the guild points, it will be similar to the Arena. Winning
will score you points while losing will bring your guild score down.

If you tie with an opposing guild, and you still have time remaining, then you will be matched
with a different guild instead. In the duration of an hour, you will have a limit of attacking 5 guilds.

If after 1 hour you are battling your 4th guild battle, you will be able to complete the battle even
after the 1 hour time limit and the points will be calculated accordingly. But, if it was your 5th guild
battle, the battle will end once the 1 hour duration is up.

Once your guild battle is over, you will be able to battle again after 20 hours from the time
you have finished your previous guild battle.

At the beginning of the Guild Battle, each guild member will be able to choose which guild to attack.
Each member has 3 chances to attack and it will cost 5 Energy to attack.

For each guild member on the defense battle, a loss will 30% of remaining HP on your guild building.
A win will reward your guild 5% of max HP. The overall score will be calculated by everyone’s HP, if you
get multiple losses, this will drastically bring down your average HP. If the amount of HP lost in the guild
battle is greater than 10% of the max HP, then only 10% of the HP will be deducted.

If you attack higher HP opponents, you can inflict more damage. Also a guild can only be attacked once
so you may need to collaborate with your guild mates.

If a guild battle lasts over 20 minutes, the guild leader or vice-leader is able to forfeit the match.

Guild Battle Combat Phase
The battle will be a 3v3 match up and will consist of 2 rounds. You will need 6 monsters.
Monsters chosen from the 1st round will be matched with the opponent’s 1st round. This
applies with the 2nd round as well. Leader skills will be unique to each round setup so choose
wisely what leader skill you want to bring into battle. Like the ruling on the Trials of Ascension,
you will restricted of bringing identical monsters.

If a monster dies during a guild battle, you will not be able to reuse that monster.
The draw system in the guild battle will be similar to the one that has been implemented in the Arena.

Placing Defense in the Arena
For defense in the guild battle, you can setup your team during the preparation or even in battle.
3 monsters for round 1 and round 2. Monsters placed in the Defense cannot be used.

If you achieve a Victory, you will rewarded Guild points and guild experience and like the Arena,
you will be able to get higher points when you fight stronger guilds.

When you defeat a guild, your guild points will go up and participating guild members will obtain additional
guild points based on their contribution in the guild battle.