Summoners War Guide Daily Missions Worth Money

Welcome to the Summoners War Guide Daily Missions Worth Money.

In Summoners War, it is very easy to get lazy and stop completing Daily Missions. Everyone knows that! After one year of the release of the game, during 365 days, many of us have been doing daily missions and fighting in the Arena against Rivals in order to get some Crystals. It is boring to complete Daily Missions just to get some Mana and 10 Crystals. I know, you know, and everybody  knows.

On the other hand, is not that much the time you spend doing these daily missions. With this Summoners War Guide you will know how much money worth your effort.

There are four kinds of Active Crystal Income resources:

  • Daily Missions
  • Arena Rivals
  • Arena Match-Up Weekly Rewards
  • Events

Crystal Mine and Crystal Titan are not included because they are Passive Crystal Income. You can earn Crystals clearing stages and/or dungeons, but it is not covered in this guide. Events are not covered in this guide neither because it is not possible to predict the rewards of the future events.


For the calculations it is assumed the following:

  • Calculations are based in a week time.
  • Calculations are performed used USA currency (Dollars $).
  • Calculations are rounded with one decimal.

The analysis following is really basic and can be more accurate taking in consideration more factors, but the idea in this post is to give an approximate idea of the importance of Daily missions and small tasks in order to achieve goals.

This guide is mainly focused for player above level 30, but can be informative for all players and calculations can be extrapolated for lower levels.

Daily Missions

Everyday you have 24 hours to complete 10 quests or daily missions. Every single day are the same and are easy to achieve even for beginners (the most complicated part is to have at least 5 friends to send social points).

We are not going through all of them, we highlight the ones which give us crystals.

  • Use 20 energy. Reward: 3 crystals.
  • Complete all daily missions. Reward: 7 crystals.

The time approximately to complete all daily missions is around 15-30 minutes. Sometimes even less, depending of the speed of your team clearing stages.

In resume, you get 10 crystals/day from Daily Missions. Therefore a total of 70 crystals/week from Daily Missions.

 Arena Rivals

There are 9 rivals in Summoners War, each one with different monsters and different cooldown time. Once you Win them, you will receive either 2 or 3 crystals depending on the Rival.

The following table shows the rewards of each Rival, as well as the cooldown times and total crystals/week.

RivalCrystals/WinCooldown (hours)Crystals/Week

Table data from ninjak80 from Reddit.

This is making a total of 144 crystals/week (rounded).

Achieve this goal is almost impossible unless you control all the cooldown times and don’t sleep. That is why we assume a coefficient of 0.8 (human factor)  in order to make the calculations more realistic. If you are not happy with this 0.8 coefficient, don’t worry, we will perform the calculations without considering as well.

Considering human factor: 144 x 0.8 = 115 crystals/week

Arena Match-Up Weekly Rewards

There is not much to say here. The assumption is that you will get more than 1400 arena points (Fighter 3 Silver Stars) in order to get 100 crystals/week. One more time, this can be extrapolated to your ranking and recalculate the total crystals/week. The reason why is chosen 100 crystals/week is because most of the players are in this ranking.

Total crystals/week

To calculate the total crystals/week you can get as a F2P without taking into account events and crystal drop is given by the following formula:

Total (crystals/week) = Daily missions (crystals/week) + Arena Rivals (crystals/week) + Arena Rewards (crystals/week)

Therefore, for our case study:

Total = 70 + 144 + 100 = 314 crystals/week

Total (considering human factor) = 70 + 115 + 100 =285 crystals/week

This is a pretty decent amount of crystals. In less than 3 weeks time you can buy a Premium Pack in the first case and less than 4 weeks for the second case.

Crystals/Dollars conversion

The prize of crystals in Summoners War vary depending of the pack you buy.

For the calculations it is assumed the following pack:

  • Pile of Crystals. $9.99 – 250 crystals

Now is easy to calculate how much your weekly effort worth in terms of money:

  • Crystals/Week money equivalence = (314 / 250) x 9.99 = $12.54/week
  • Crystals/Week money equivalece (considering human factor) = (285 / 250) x 9.99 = $11.39/week

The equivalence in months and years are the following.

  • Crystals/Month money equivalence = $53.74/month
  • Crystals/Month money equivalence (considering human factor) = $48.81/month
  • Crystals/Year money equivalence = $653/year
  • Crystals/Year money equivalence (considering human factor) = $593/year

This guide finish here.  We hope it gives you a better understanding of how important this small tasks are for the proper develop of your metagame. Next time you get lazy, think about the amount of resources you are giving up.

* If you have any comment or input for this guide base we encourage you to leave a comment in the comment box below.