[Guide] Hall of Heroes

Guide by /u/matsnarok. Formated by Beathem

Summoners War: Hall of Heroes Guide

summoners war guide best monsters hohI decided to write this after watching a few videos about f2p/farmable teams for hoh.

I think these videos of f2p farmable teams are always contradictory, Because when you hear its a f2p/farmable team I get the idea anyone could use that, but it almost always include godlike runes, which more often than not are decisive for that team composition to succeed.I believe a guide like this should give info so that you can build a f2p team, with the lowest rune requirement possible so it can reach f2p players/mid game players and not only late game players who can probably yolo it anyway

Also, no explanation for why is this monster good here is showed and most people who have nonfarmable mobs don’t know how to actually use them effectively

I think it would be more helpful to explain what kind of problems hoh (Hall of Heroes) floors usually give to you and what strategies are good to actually counter it

Hall of Heroes B3

I can barely make b3 and from what I’ve seen the main focus for a good b3 team is to understand that all 5 mobs from each wave have the exact same speed or are very close, thus if you let them all 5 move in succession you will most likely fail.

So the key point is to mitigate the damage from the first turn of them, by either decreasing their damage or increasing your survivability. That’s why Zaiross is incredible here, forcing every mob to do skill 1 makes the damage pretty low, also Sigmarus/Briand with AOE atk debuff, etc

Also AOE atks with despair works wonders, because stunned monsters deal no damage.

Another set that is absurdly great for this is Shield runes, since you can stack them, you can easily obtain 10k+ shields that are regenerated every round and you can actually run a no healer team without being a guardian player. But it is also very situational , since you need to build mobs specifically for this not everyone will do it and there are more important teams to build and progress in the game.

Best Monsters for Hall of Heroes

Now I will give some examples of monsters that are good in a Hall of Heroes team and why. This should give you an idea of what kind of monsters are good, so even if iI don’t list every monster you have, you can analyze for yourself with ease. I would like also to add that, in general, single target nukers are not so good here, because you need to deal with a lot of mobs. This makes single target nukers are not so good here, because you need to deal with a lot of mobs. This makes Theomars/Hwa/Perna a monster that requires a higher rune quality to be able to work here.

Verdehile has the best speed leader in the game for dungeons, and he will boost your atb wihtout the chance of derping so everyone moves before the wave.

Shannon has atk/def buff, aoe speed slow which are great for increased survivability, and a single target glancing hit to top it off. Megan also has the buffs paired with a little atb boost, and she can strip/block buffs, so she might be a good second option

Sigmarus has a great leader skill, aoe atk break on third skill and a sure to freeze (given you have 100% cr) 2 turn cd that helps a lot in controlling the wave output damage.

A resser is also great, since there are always 3 mobs from the same element, and the best 2 i can think of are: Briand, for a high hp ress and aoe atk break; Mikene, that if runed with cr can freeze on first, has a aoe(can be runed despair)

Tyron is very good for cc, since he has aoe freeze and a aoe glancing hit. One of the few mobs in game with 2 aoe skills, making him a beast on despair

Woochi is very good, although generally runed without damage, he has two aoe skills, both reducing atk bar, and 100% atk break on first skill along with glancing with crit.

Chasun is very good here because the hoh waves do focused damage, so having a great single target healer will do wonders and greatly reduce stress on your squishy mobs.

Darion helps everyone to survive with his passive, and def break on first is always a great plus to quickly focus down mobs ( thus reducing the number of hits you take in a more efficient way)

I have Poseidon, which works great here because he eithers silences everyone, or decreases atk bar making you have more turns to set your team up in each round. Also my Zinc is incredibly useful, having a sure to land atk break on everyone

The importance of Speed in HOH

One important point is that your speed needs to be very high, something higher than 220 or 200, not sure. Because giving up turn 1 is, as mentioned before, the best way for you to fail ( You can probably give up turn 1 if everyone has will runes, but the mons you use here most likely dont have will sets on them ). So if you are not lucky enough to have a Verdehile to speed up your team, i think you must bring another atb booster, ie Bernard, to actually stand a chance

The team must also have a lot of damage reduction, be it in the form of defensive buffs, atk break/glacing debuff, stuns, aoe atb reductions, silences and i think thats it.

And of course, every hoh is unique and different so you must learn to adpat your team for a possible gimmick stage, but i believe you must not ever lose focus from this basic idea.

So thats it, really hope this can help someone out there raging because cant farm b3 efficiently ( me every past hoh) and would appreciate any feedback.