Test – 1000 Unknown Scrolls Outcome and Analysis

In this mini-guide we will show the importance of Unknown Scrolls in Summoners War.

As in the game is written, an Unknown Scroll is “A Summon Scroll possessing unknown energy. It summons a monster between 1 and 3-stars.”  

  • Where to find it: all Scenarios, Dungeons, from completing missions, Magic Shop or Glory Shop.
  • Summoning cost: 300 mana.

A test was done by Beathem where 1000 Unknown Scrolls were used. The results can be found below.

Once gathered the data  we calculate the probability of getting a monster of 1, 2 and 3 stars respectively.

summoners war analysis

We can see that there is a trend for each of the summoning grades. The table below shows the results of the probability for the 1000 iterations accumulated. This percentages can be used as an estimation for future analysis or for the summoner to know the chances of getting a certain grade of monsters (number of stars) while summoning from Unknown scrolls.

75175.1 %
★★23423.4 %
★★★151.5 %

It is important to realise that only 4 monsters out of 1000 are Awakened (2 of them 3 stars).

Application of this study

  • Monster 1 star experience (level 1) = 800 EXP
  • Monster 2 stars experience (level 1) = 1760 EXP

You can estimate the total Experience of your Unknown Scrolls and the total mana used with the following formula:

Example: You have 100 Unknown Scrolls.

We know that the probability of getting a 1 star monster is 75.1%, the probability of getting a 2 stars monsters is 23.4% and the 3 stars monsters we are not going to use as powering up materials, we will used them as fodder to evolve other monsters.

Experience = 100 x (0.751 x 800 + 0.231 x 1,760) = 100,736 EXP
Total cost = 100 x 300 = 30,000 mana

Lets calculate the mana cost of powering up our monsters with all the 1 and 2 stars monster. Lets assume that we are going to use all our monsters obtained from Unknown Scrolls to feed other 2 stars monsters:

Mana cost = 100 x ( 0.751 x 300 + 0.231 x 500) = 34,080 mana

In resume:

  • Materials: 100 Unknown Scrolls + 30,000 mana + 34,080 mana (assuming we power up 2 star monsters)
  • Outcome: 100,736 EXP + 3 star monster 

Note that we did not mention anything about Power Up Bonus Experience x1.5. We will cover it in the next guide “Test – 1000 Power Up Experience Outcome and Analysis”.

Analysing this example, we see that 100,736 EXP is more than level up a 3 stars monster from level 1 to level 25 (Note: Total experience needed to level up  a 3 stars monster from level 1 to 25 is 82,182)

Now, as conclusion we can say in one sentence, under estimated results and based in experimental data the following affirmation

100 Unknown Scrolls are equivalent to a 3 stars monster in Level 25.

So, if you have tons of Unknown Scrolls and you don’t know what to do with them, better use them, you just only need time and some mana.

You can find the test data in the Appendix 1.