Tips to Evolving a 6 Star Monster (for Beginner to Mid-Game Players)

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I recently posted in my guild thread about this topic. I figured that I might as well share it here, in hopes that it might be useful for other players. Enjoy, and feel free to add in your suggestions, experience, or advice in the comments section!

[Guide] Tips to Evolving a 6 Stars Monster


There are several things you will want to have before you start. These include; 2-3 star fodders, ~1000 crystals, farming reps, inbox energy, and of course, your target 6 star (runed good to godly).

1.) A Godly Runed 5 Star

runes to maxWhile it isn’t a requirement to have good runes on the next 6 star you make, it certainly helps. There is nothing worse than putting a lot of effort into making a 6 star, only to have them uselessly sit in your inventory until you find the perfect runes. My advice is to 6 star a monster that you can immediately use upon evolution.

2.) Fodders

rainbowmon 4 startfodderIt is easy to just buy the 4 star rainbowmon from the guild shop. What isn’t easy is building 4 more max 4 star fodders. However, if you soley rely on the guild rainbowmon, you will be waiting at least 4 weeks to make that next 6 star. Do yourself a favor and just evolve 3 star fodders into 5 stars. If you have a Hell scenario farmer, you can easily make a 6 star within a week or two.

3.) Resources

3 days exp boosterEvents are nice, because they normally give out valuable resources, such as boosters and crystals. But we can’t always rely on those events. So a rule of thumb before starting your next 6 star is having a bank of crystals. I suggested 1K, but you really only need enough to buy either a 1 or 3 day booster, and the rest for energy refills. I prefer a 3 day booster, because you won’t feel pressured to commit every waking minute running a scenario. This also gives you flexibility to regen your energy naturally and finish dailies (missions and GBs).

4.) Inbox Energy

energy refillenergy inboxSave your inbox energy for your boosters. Don’t use them because you’re short on energy for your last GB attack or want to do two more runs of DB/GBX. Saving up an entire week of inbox energy will get you exactly 320 energy (assuming you log in at the appropriate time). And last week’s event also gave you an additional 70 energy a day, if you met the event requirements. If you save your inbox energy, you will save yourself crystals. Or at least grant you more energy refills 🙂

5.) Farming Reps

friends repHere’s something everyone should know. 90% of your friends better have farming reps that can solo Faimon Hell or higher. Why? Because using a friend’s rep gives you 100% of the total xp allotment for that scenario. The example below illustrates my point.

I used Chief’s rep on Chiruka Hell. Normally, if I use my own farmer during a booster, I will only get a total of 12,876 XP, split between 3 fodders (because my farmer is already max leveled). But if I use a friend’s rep, I’ll get the maximum XP output possible. In my example, using Chief’s rep netted me 17,166 XP. That means that I gain 33% more XP just for using someone else’s farmer! If I have 50 friends with Chiruka farmers, that means I can potentially gain an extra 214,500 XP for my fodders for the exact same energy cost!

Why is that? Because you’re no longer applying wasted XP to your maxed level farmer. Since friend reps cannot accrue XP, the residual amount is then split amongst your other three fodders.

6.) Miscellaneous

If you 6 star a DPSer, it is more efficient to have them run a scenario on Hard and have them level up, while also leveling some fodder. This will grant you 100% xp allotment, because your newly evolved 6 star can actually use the xp.

Eventually, you’ll be running GB10 and DB10 for good runes. In the process, you will come across a sea of US. Use them to get 1-2 star fodders. While I don’t like using 1 star fodders to level +3 stars, I don’t mind feeding 1 stars into each other to make a 2 star. It consumes less mana and is faster than just unsummoning them. Up to you.

Don’t feed your max 5 star mons to make that quick 6 star. Even if it is a monster you don’t use anymore, chances are that you applied skillups and average runes on it. If anything, storage it and wait for a buff.

Do not fodder NB4 stars. Storage them. If you have duplicates, consider using them as evolution fodder/skillups for that monster of the same family, but different element. And you never know, it may end up being a fusion material for Light Ifrit (ah haha…ha…).

You will not see a net gain in mana when farming xp. Why is that? Because the cost to evolve monsters from 2 to 3 star, 3 – 4 star, etc., almost equally offsets the amount of mana you get from completing scenario runs and selling the useless runes. So if you’re thinking you’ll be able to make an extra 150k mana, think again.

Buy silver 2 stars from Magic Shop. This usually won’t happen, but there might be a situation where you have zero fodder and zero US. In this case, it might be easier to just buy a silver 2 star from the shop, if you’re on a booster timer. Don’t buy the gold stars, because they are double the price. Silver 2 star fodders start at around ~11k mana.

Watch your xp when farming. If your fodders have only 800 or less xp to max, don’t run another Hell scenario. Either run your own farmer on Normal difficulty, or feed a 1 star fodder to it. Feeding a 1 star mon equals roughly 800 xp.

Even out your 6 star roster. Although it is very easy to seek help from others for suggestions, you are the best person to know your current monster inventory, as well as your overall weaknesses. If you have five 6 star wind mons, I really doubt you need to 6 star that wind Horus that you just summoned two days ago. Have 2 water and wind DPSers, but no fire? Consider a fire DPSer as your next 6 star. Ask if you need help with builds, but just give your own inventory a scan. You’ll probably be able to answer your own “who to 6 star next” question better than anyone else.

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