The ultimate, simplified guide for lifelong success with the World Boss

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Guide by ninja927. Click here to go to the original Reddit post.

Get to the World Boss

Step 1: Get to the World Boss (Beat Scenario -> Beat first dimensional rift -> Bam, now you can kick some Ancient Giant ass three times a day)

Get Your First Team Together

Step 2: Get your first team together (20 Lv.30 4+* Mons)

Get a Squadron Together

Step 3: Get a squadron together (60 Lv.30 4+* Mons)

  • If this means having 25 hellhounds at the start, then so be it. Just make it happen
  • I suggest you keep most of the Nat3, and every Nat4 you pull! Even if you have duplicates or they suck and you hate their face. Just level them up to 30 and use them solely for the World Boss. Because a Nat4 will give you more points than a Nat3 or Nat2

Equip Your ENTIRE Squadron with Runes

Step 4: Equip your ENTIRE squadron with runes

  • I’m suggesting that you save EVERY 5* and 6* rune you come across NO matter the color. And maybe even 4* if you are low levels or they are %. Why? Because you can slap them on the Mons you WON’T use outside of the World Boss, (Which will significantly increase your overall score), and we now have room to hold them (500 box increase). Try to be smart about it, but don’t let rune management take up your entire week. Give your best runes to the mons you use outside of World Boss while trying to make the most sets with what you have left over for the others.
  • You’ll need 60 runes for each slot, which means you’ll need 360 runes for the entire squadron
  • If you have to, buy some white 5/6 star in the shop for a couple thousand mana. Think of it as an investment, you’ll keep if for a long time and it’ll eventually pay out.
  • 60 somewhat upgraded rune squadron > 10 highly upgraded squadron + 50 non-runed
  • Then, once you have enough runes for your entire squadron, you can sell any crap runes you find again. But of course keep the ones that are upgrades!

Obtain at Least a D Rank

Step 5: Obtain at least a D Rank (500,000) for every attack

  • Why? Because D Rank is when LD Scrolls, Leg Scrolls, and Devilmon drop. Obviously it’s going to be low chance, but low chance is better than no chance
  • This will take some fine tuning. So don’t use all of your most powerful mons in the first attack. Mix and match them
  • It’s much better to get all D Ranks rather than C Ranks and then F Ranks. D/D/D > C/F/F
  • If you’re in-between Steps 2 and 3, try to use all three attack every day. BUT still try to achieve at least a D Rank. (So if you have 30 mons, then 20(D)/10(F) > 10(F)/10(F)/10(F). If you have 40 mons, then 20(D)/20(D)/10(F) > 20(C)/20(F)/10(F). And this list could go on but you get the point

(The next three steps are interchangeable)

summoners war boss of world

Upgrade ALL of the Runes

Step 6: Upgrade ALL of the runes (To at least 9+ or 12+ for good ones)

  • Yes. All of them. Even the flats. Even the not good sub-stats. Even the possible, random 4*. Because the more upgrades -> the higher ranking overall -> more rewards/higher chance for good rewards
  • Why? Because the mana cost for the simple upgrades are worth it in the long run (if you reuse those runes for a long time)
  • Rune mana cost Chart This is taken from beathem, so I don’t know how accurate or reliable the date is, but we can use it for a simple ballpark
  • Ideally, you should try to +12 all of the runes, but NEVER +15 a flat/weak rune that is on a mon specifically for World Boss. That wouldn’t be an efficient use of mana
  • Start with your best runes on your best mons -> then 5* okay runes -> and so forth. Use your own judgment and try to be efficient

Rank Up Your Monsters

Step 6 (Again): Rank up your mons to 5 and 6 star

  • Obviously start with the ones that you use most outside of World Boss. And it’s not recommended to 5* or definitely don’t 6* anyone for the solo purpose for World Boss
  • But when you evolve a mon, make sure to level them up to 30 ASAP, because they won’t be usable unless they are. Don’t let unleveled 5* and 6* sit around

Upgrade Your Squadron

Step 6 (Again, again): Upgrade your squadron with better Mon/Runes

  • Pulled a Nat5? Level it up and replace it with the lowest contributing mon you have. Replace Nubia for Tyron. Zaiross for Seiq. Etc
  • Did a 6* legendary % rune just drop? Slap that sexy baby onto a worthy mon, and then use the replaced on a weaker mon
  • The end goal is to have 60 6* mons with great runes that you will use OUTSIDE of the World Boss. But this is an unreachable step, as you will always be able to upgrade (Unless you have 60 nat5, maxed leveled with 6 +15, % runes. Or more commonly know as, The Barion)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE! I suggest you try to save the majority of this work for that one, special time of the month. Free Rune Removal Day. Why? Because you’ll be able to take off all the runes you want, cost free, on the replaced mons. And then feed them off to evolve someone else more worthy. You’ll be able to shift runes around on your top mons and then used the replaced runes on the weaker mons, cost free

Last Note

  • Yes, this is a lot of work for one aspect of the game. And no, you shouldn’t focus solo on this. Getting your G10/D10 team is just as important. BUT the payouts for the World Boss can be AMAZING. We have THREE chances a day to get Leg/LD Scrolls, devilmon, crystals, mystic scrolls, element scrolls, summoning stones, and of course, mana
  • This is literally free stuff, three times a day. All it costs is a little planning, and 30 energy. And as you progress through the game, the free stuff will only get better