Guide: How to get a Nat 5 stars for F2P

nat 5 star summoners war

Guide by: elsilver. Click here to go to the original source in Reddit.

After seeing so many people complain about not pulling Nat 5 in X amount of time, do they think that a week or months is a minimum requirement to get one ? It only makes sense from the amount of summons you do… 10 months at 1 premium pack a month is definitely not the same as 10 months with 15 premiums a month for example… So here is what you must do to increase your odds to the MAX (for F2P players) get a Nat5.



  • When you’re leveling 6 stars, what do you do ? You open a 2x and forget about everything else and just grind and refresh.. great
  • When you’re looking for runes, what do you do ? You just grind drags/giants for days/weeks trying to find your perfect subs, or until you give up.. right ?
  • When you’re in rush hour arena, what do you do ? You just refresh wings (if looking for highest rank possible) and do arena forgetting about everything else.

What I mean is, you focus on ONE thing at a time.. So let’s focus on strictly getting a NAT5

What we will NOT do to get Nat 5 stars

  • Care about arena higher than conqueror
  • Refill wings, ever
  • Farm the monthly weekend secret dungeon
  • Farm the hall of heroes (only get 1 for collection if we don’t have)
  • Level ANY monster
  • Spend ANY mana on runes (only the 3 daily for the mission)
  • Buy ifrit pieces
  • Buy weekly angelmon

What we WILL do to get Nat 5 stars

  • If you can do dragons, you will ONLY do dragons, this is the best source of mana in the game, otherwise giants (Of course keep good runes). Try not to refill a lot here, but do refill energy.
  • Kill all our arena rivals
  • Always use our arena wings (but never refill)
  • The 3 daily dimensional rifts
  • Do TOA

Why will we do all this? For the following reason:

  • Buy 3 Elemental scrolls + Mystical scroll weekly with Glory Points (And devilmon if you can afford)
  • Buy 3 Elemental Scrolls + Mystical scroll weekly with Guild Points (and legendary piece if you can afford)
  • Save as much mana as possible (300k a day if you are only doing dragons is realistic)
  • Sunday night, you should have 2m mana if you followed the above, refill shop until you buy 14~15 scrolls depending on price.

By doing this, you will get WEEKLY approximately 20 scrolls (plus any random drops from dragons/giants, but didnt include that)

You will be able to do this with the weekly crystals from arena rivals, at least conqueror 1, and the mothly toa crystals (assuming 1k Crystals a month combined)

Total monster summons

  • 20 weekly scrolls = 80 a month
  • 6 monthly from TOA (getting to 80 normal 50 hard) could be more if you have the L&D and Legendary scroll from clearing
  • 3? From monthly login rewards.

Total = 90 + any that Com2Us gives from any random events.

Hold these scrolls until you have them all and do them on the monthly rune removal so you can rune whatever you pull the same day, and also because you will feel more excited opening 100+ rather than 1 at a time.

As you can see, it is very achievable.

As a reference, the $100 pack comes with 3k Crystals and 1 Legendary, that equals 45 summons. So you would be getting an equivalent of almost USD$200 summons per month.

Repeat this for 3 months and hope that from 300 summons you get something to make your game experience better. I bet if you count now what you are doing (F2P) that you aren’t doing more than maybe 20~25 a month if not purchasing premium packs.. this does in 3 months more than the amount of summons you would do in an entire year following that pattern.

TL;DR Forget about everything else in the game, buy weekly scrolls with guild points, buy weekly scrolls with glory points, dont buy premium packs, only do giants/dragons, refresh shop. Get 2m mana a week. Get 90 to 100 scrolls a month F2P. Repeat.

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