Guide: How to get a Nat 5 stars for F2P

nat 5 star summoners war

Guide by: elsilver. Click here to go to the original source in Reddit.

After seeing so many people complain about not pulling Nat 5 in X amount of time, do they think that a week or months is a minimum requirement to get one ? It only makes sense from the amount of summons you do… 10 months at 1 premium pack a month is definitely not the same as 10 months with 15 premiums a month for example… So here is what you must do to increase your odds to the MAX (for F2P players) get a Nat5.



  • When you’re leveling 6 stars, what do you do ? You open a 2x and forget about everything else and just grind and refresh.. great
  • When you’re looking for runes, what do you do ? You just grind drags/giants for days/weeks trying to find your perfect subs, or until you give up.. right ?
  • When you’re in rush hour arena, what do you do ? You just refresh wings (if looking for highest rank possible) and do arena forgetting about everything else.

What I mean is, you focus on ONE thing at a time.. So let’s focus on strictly getting a NAT5

What we will NOT do to get Nat 5 stars

  • Care about arena higher than conqueror
  • Refill wings, ever
  • Farm the monthly weekend secret dungeon
  • Farm the hall of heroes (only get 1 for collection if we don’t have)
  • Level ANY monster
  • Spend ANY mana on runes (only the 3 daily for the mission)
  • Buy ifrit pieces
  • Buy weekly angelmon

What we WILL do to get Nat 5 stars

  • If you can do dragons, you will ONLY do dragons, this is the best source of mana in the game, otherwise giants (Of course keep good runes). Try not to refill a lot here, but do refill energy.
  • Kill all our arena rivals
  • Always use our arena wings (but never refill)
  • The 3 daily dimensional rifts
  • Do TOA

Why will we do all this? For the following reason:

  • Buy 3 Elemental scrolls + Mystical scroll weekly with Glory Points (And devilmon if you can afford)
  • Buy 3 Elemental Scrolls + Mystical scroll weekly with Guild Points (and legendary piece if you can afford)
  • Save as much mana as possible (300k a day if you are only doing dragons is realistic)
  • Sunday night, you should have 2m mana if you followed the above, refill shop until you buy 14~15 scrolls depending on price.

By doing this, you will get WEEKLY approximately 20 scrolls (plus any random drops from dragons/giants, but didnt include that)

You will be able to do this with the weekly crystals from arena rivals, at least conqueror 1, and the mothly toa crystals (assuming 1k Crystals a month combined)

Total monster summons

  • 20 weekly scrolls = 80 a month
  • 6 monthly from TOA (getting to 80 normal 50 hard) could be more if you have the L&D and Legendary scroll from clearing
  • 3? From monthly login rewards.

Total = 90 + any that Com2Us gives from any random events.

Hold these scrolls until you have them all and do them on the monthly rune removal so you can rune whatever you pull the same day, and also because you will feel more excited opening 100+ rather than 1 at a time.

As you can see, it is very achievable.

As a reference, the $100 pack comes with 3k Crystals and 1 Legendary, that equals 45 summons. So you would be getting an equivalent of almost USD$200 summons per month.

Repeat this for 3 months and hope that from 300 summons you get something to make your game experience better. I bet if you count now what you are doing (F2P) that you aren’t doing more than maybe 20~25 a month if not purchasing premium packs.. this does in 3 months more than the amount of summons you would do in an entire year following that pattern.

TL;DR Forget about everything else in the game, buy weekly scrolls with guild points, buy weekly scrolls with glory points, dont buy premium packs, only do giants/dragons, refresh shop. Get 2m mana a week. Get 90 to 100 scrolls a month F2P. Repeat.

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  • Powershot

    Hello, I player this game for a little bit more than 1 year. And I like your guide, and decide to follow.

    My question is: What you do with your crystals? Buy premium packs or do shop refresh?

    I see you talking about mana, but why? I don’t see any use for mana in your guide.

    I can do conq1/2 easy and clear toa normal, If I got some nb 5* following your guide I’ll post here.


    Sorry about my english, it is not my language.

    • Beathem

      It depends, this guide is dedicated only to get nat 5 stars forgetting about everything else.
      I personally combine refills with Premium Packs, depending on my needs.

      This guide don’t consider mana because is focusing only in summoning monsters, but we have many other considering it.

      I wish you luck with you summons!

  • P0wershot

    Hey, sorry about my question, here are the answer:
    “Sunday night, you should have 2m mana if you followed the above, refill shop until you buy 14~15 scrolls depending on price.”

    I did not read carefully because I found your guide while I work.

    thanks, and gl on summons too ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you got a zeratu on month LD ๐Ÿ™‚



    • Beathem

      I am glad you could clarify it. Please, let us know if you get any nat 5 stars.

  • P0wershot

    Hey bro, I do it, and in: 3.5 weeks I got: 38 MS, 2 wind and water scrolls, 6 fires, 1 LS and 1 LD.

    As result I got: Praha.

    Here the video:

    Thanks for the tips

  • Matt Byun


    • Another Matt

      Yes it is about luck, what this guide is for is giving you more chances at actually getting a nat 5. More scrolls == more chances at a nat 5. Granted, it’s still possible you might never get one if your luck sucks, but if you don’t have any scrolls, you won’t get a nat 5.

      • LadyAccountant

        Yes, its all about luck, I played for 3 months and got 3 nat 5, vanessa,water phoenix, and water hell lady.. lucky me..

      • me heki

        i m just f2p player , playing for around 4 months , and now i have 5 nat 5, 2 of them is wind and dark ifrit (fushion) and another is ethna aliciaa and katarina , and good 4* verde , lucky me. and all form mystical scroll

  • Person

    When youโ€™re in rush hour arena, what do you do? I sleep since I have work the next day and hope I don’t drop out of c3 from g1.

    Anyways, I don’t know man. I spent 2k (at least half of that was for summons) before getting my first nat 5 which made me quit for a month because it was a mediocre Lag. Then summoned two more garbage ones after I came back (as f2p) within 2 months. But I’ll try this after I have nothing to 6 star anymore, which I believe is very soon, just 3 bombers and a kat.

    • Beathem

      Congratulations on your 5 stars monsters! even more for thouse you got as a F2P

  • x25e

    does it matter if i open the sroll when i get it or collect them? cuz waiting suxx

    • JellyDM

      “you will feel more excited opening 100+ rather than 1 at a time.”

  • JellyDM

    lol i got lucky and i got praha… i was lvl 24 at the time so this can work for under 40 its just harder to get shop refresh… I have found that its easier to get ms in shop when u have about 90-100k mana

  • This guide is about people like me, with no luck we have to effort a lot more. Thanks a lot, i will follow it!

  • Just Another Gamer

    Hey guys, I just started this game last month. I’m level 32 atm and I’m having trouble following this guide mainly because my mobs aren’t that strong to farm Giants/Dragons and still struggling to build a team for it although I have the best farmable mobs, they only have +9 3* and some 4* runes with sucky subs (5* Raoq for farming faimon, 4* – Bernard, Konamiya, Shannon / 5* 85% crit(Full Blade) Ahman and recently got Light Vaga and Inu).

    I can only Auto Giants b4 and Drag B3 100% but I can manual Giants up to B6 with 90% success and Dragon up to B5 with 70% (Pretty much having a hard time doing drag run even though I got Kona and my friend’s Lulu).

    So, Questions..
    1) Is it still viable to farm for Mana on the said Giants/Drags that I can Auto? or should I grind Faimon Normal for mana and upgrade my mobs?

    2) How can I get more guild points? I can only get like 10 Guild points a day on my guild. (I’m not an attacker)

    3) I have summoned about 40MS (bought premium packs on the crsytals I got on the recent events) and effin got only 2 nat4’s and a bunch of sucky 3’s :(. So is it really much better to use crystals on shop refresh than on Premium packs? Does MS appear all the time?

    4) No problem on Arena but recently my Rivals gotten stronger so I can only beat the first 3.

    5) I can only do TOA up to 30 on normal and 10 on hard ๐Ÿ™

    What’s the best plan for my current standing? Thanks..

    • Beathem


      First I suggest you working on the following team for Giants:

      Ahman, Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard and maybe Konamilla. All of them at 5 Stars and with runes of 4* in the right possitions. It is very important that you have speed in the team. Maybe this post can help you to know your progress in Giants

      Your target should be Giants B5 auto and then gradually B6. Try to farm there as much as you can so you can get a bunch of good runes.

    • Ws

      Thats very strange im a lvl 13 player who only played for two days, and i can autofarm b3 giant…

  • StarlinX

    Hey, I was wondering, since most of the statistics sites list lower levels of dragons as having a higher chance to drop mystical scrolls (most say 18-25%), have you tried farming the lower levels over a full month?

    • Beathem

      It is an interesting theory, I think I must try it and update the post.

      Thank you.

  • Elite

    I have a few questions.

    Is 30+ on TOA good enough?
    Honestly, I don’t do it much and it’s a struggle with only 2 6*
    With that said, should I even be doing this if I only have 2 6*? (Who are not even that good of farmers,not sure if Faimon Hard is good enough)

    If so,
    Which scrolls are at a higher priority (ofc legendary and maybe L&D, but what about elemental vs mystical)? I’m not getting a lot of glory/guild points, I’m not even that high in the ranking. Not really caring about it now since I want to focus on PvE.

    What about Legendary/Light & Dark pieces in the shop? Do we buy them too?
    And I keep seeing people saying the rate of mystical scrolls appearing in the shop has been nerfed. Should we also get any of them if they just so happens to be in the shop?

    And I also wanna know if Dragons B5> Giants B6 is what I should be doing.
    I gave up on DB6, I have bad fire monsters.

    • Beathem

      Hello Elite,

      From my personal experience I would recommend you to not focus on TOA, Arena and Guild Wars yet. You can use the wings in Arena to get Glory Points but don’t think much in high ranks for now.

      Instead I would farm Giants B6, for me it’s better than Dragons B5. Try to get all the farmable monsters like Belladeon, Afman, Bernard, Shannon, etc and make them 5 stars, try to put on them your best runes. Gradually make them 6 stars.

      If I were you I wouldn’t buy parts of scrolls at shop yet, I would wait a little bit more till late game.

      • Elite

        Thanks for replying.

        My team for GB6 rn is Susano (leader), bernard,shannon,bella & vero
        Doing well but maybe once I 5* shannon and bella it’ll be a lot faster.
        So, am I still doing the same thing with this? Get 2m mana use em all up on Sunday for scrolls?

        • Beathem

          Yes, I will make them both you will see a big difference. It’s good that you already have Veromos, congratulations!

          What do you mean with use them all up on Sunday for scrolls?

          • Elite

            “Sunday night, you should have 2m mana if you followed the above, refill shop until you buy 14~15 scrolls depending on price.”

            For this

          • Beathem

            Yes, I understand, but I believe that you probably prefer to skip that part for now until you have at least 5 monsters 6 stars. You should use the crystals for Energy Refills and the Mana to Upgrade Runes. This guide is more for late game players that are craving Nat 5 Stars.

          • Elite

            Ah well okay then
            I’ll just save all these scrolls for later then
            Thanks m8

  • Baconbro2015

    And the rest of us are left wondering, “How do i even get my FIRST 6*?”

  • JCMan2.0

    I stil do not get why should I get that much mana. Mana is not usefull for refills of energy, what do you want the mana for?
    This is what I am referring to
    “Sunday night, you have 2m mana if you followed the above, refill shop until you buy 14~15 scrolls depending on price.”
    Is there a special event on Sunday nights? or what kind of refill are you taking about? or do you mean use cristals to refresh the magic shop? How many cristals do you spend on refreshing the m-shop to get 14 m scrools?

    I like the web site, I just founded and have been playing the game for little over 1 year

    • Beathem

      Hey, thank you for your kind words! =)
      Yes, I mean use crystals to refresh the magic shop. I’m not sure now about how many crystals do you need to get 14 m scrolls because with the last shop update the rates have changed. Now there are chances to get parts for legendaries and L&D scrolls. However, I will test it soon and write a casa study.

  • JCMan2.0

    You know? this system may also work to get awsome runes (I am playing drangons anyway looking for good violent runes…)

  • Nighthawk

    Hello there.

    I’m following this guide for like 2 weeks, I think I have bad luck with shop refresh, and I can’t make too much mana too. I do GB8, get to conq2 at World Boss with 1 B team and 2 C team, but no luck there either lol. Right now I got 26 MS and 115/100 of Legendary. My GF was almost crazy to summon it all, but I only let her use the elemental scrolls lol (no luck)
    My big question is: should I save my mana until Sunday and refill until I use all mana/crystals, or can I refill everytime I get 200k mana? (Almost everyday, depending on 5/6* flat runes of Giants)

    Also, I’ll use everything when I hit 50 total summons, or Anavel week, I can’t wait anymore XD

    • Beathem


      It’s not needed to save the mana until Sunday, you can do it every time you have enough mana to buy MS, but also I want to mention you that the shop refresh rates have changed and I need to re do that part of the guide.

      Really good luck with the summons! =)

  • HHZ

    So is this method no longer worthwhile?

    • Beathem

      It does, only that the MS rate from shop has decreased, but the L&D and Legendary pieces have appeared and therefore it’s a mix balance.

  • dex

    I think Leo and Chiwu pattern is pretty obvious. I got them too in a row. This is a pretty true testimony that if you got either of chiwu of Leo you will immediately get the other one.
    I only have this method. do your summoning right after you updated your SW on your phone. I also got Velajuel by this method. And I only do that with 2 mystic scroll and 150 xtals. Just remember the 1 is to 1 pattern. summon first unknown then mystic – unknown then xtals.

  • ~CM~

    somehow it just worked for me~ XD after grinding for 60ms, got an Eladriel!

  • Ren_D

    I understand what you mean by, just focus and forget everything else, and get hundread of scroll to increase the change to get NB *5…
    I’ll Try..

  • b3dshaker

    I need to try this. I had one nat5 from 15 mystical scrolls. But that was weeks ago, at least I have this guide to get some few more. Thanks to this.

  • CrazyArielBro

    This guide makes sense, but the way to win in SW is not by getting nat 5’s, all you need are runes, buildings and 6* monsters. Ez