Guide Top 8 Monsters Combos and Duo synergies

top 8 monster combos summoners war

Guide by zanduin. Global server.

Monster synergy occurs when two monsters are combined and they are significantly more powerful than they would be by themselves. An example of bad Synergy would be something like Shannon + Megan. 

Both of these units have the exact same 3rd skill which is to buff the team with defense and attack power. These buffs cannot be stacked or lengthened by casting it a second time, so having these two units on one team would reduce the effectiveness of the team.

This guide will highlight some of the well known synergies in the game. It’s important to know about all of these combinations so you can make your team more powerful and watch out for deadly combos in arena defense. Have you found a great combo that isn’t listed or is your favorite monster combo missing? Let us know in the comments!

Shannon ★★ (Wind Pixie) + Bernard ★★★ (Wind Griffon

ShannonBernardWhy it’s great

The absolute best part about this combo is that Shannon can slow all the enemies and Bernard can give your whole team a speed buff. This means that your team could potentially be 300% faster than the enemy!

If that wasn’t good enough, Shannon also has the ability to buff your team further adding additional defense and atk power to the whole team. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling when you see 3 buffs over all of your team’s heads because of this duo.

Also Bernard has the ability to def break a single enemy and weaken their attack power.

Lastly, both Bernard and Shannon are farmable monsters. Bernard can drop from Tamor desert and Shannon is often seen in the magic shop for sale or she has a secret dungeon you can get her from. Because these guys are farmable and an excellent duo, everyone should get this combo.

Where it’s used

This duo is great in so many places, but particularly it’s a great starting point to a Giants B10 team. It’s also great in TOA, AO, AD, GW, and HOH. A pro tip is that if your team’s speed is at least 76% of Bernard’s speed then after Bernard does his speed buff, all of your team will go immediately after.

Hwa ★★★★ (Fire Rakshasa) + Verdehile ★★★★ (Fire Vampire)

hwaverdehileWhy it’s great

Verde’s one strength is that every time he crits, your entire team’s attack bar goes up by 20%. His first skill lets him hit twice so most of the time he fills your team up 40% more every turn.

Hwa’s strong point is that she is a master at making enemies go slower. Every time she hits someone there’s a chance she reduces their atk bar by 25%. Also, her first skill has a chance to land a speed debuff on the enemy.

With Verde speeding up your team and Hwa slowing them down, this combo often dominates the board with your team moving over and over and over without letting the enemy move at all.

Where it’s used

This duo can be great against Dragon B10, AO, AD, GW, TOA, and HOH.

Veromos ★★★★★ (Dark Ifrit) + Belladeon ★★★ (Light Inugami)

veromosBelladeonWhy it’s great

There isn’t any amazing synergy between these two specifically but combined they bring a very large variety of skills to the team. Together they bring the following skills:

  • Strip buffs from enemy
  • Defense break on enemy
  • AOE stun
  • Continuous damage for 2 turns
  • Cleanse most debuffs from ally team, every turn
  • A 36% heal + atk bar regen

Belladeon can be acquired from a light secret dungeon on Sundays. Vero is fusible from the fusion hexagram. Bella is in fact so good, it should be in everyone’s monster collection.

Where it’s used

Because they are both light and dark monsters and simply have a solid amount of excellent skills, they can be used in almost all areas of the game. TOA, Dragons B10, Giants B10, AD, AO, GW, and HOH. Once a player gets these two mons it often becomes the default starting point for building a good team for any battle.

Chloe ★★★★ (Fire Epikion Priest) + Katarina ★★★★★ (Wind Valkyrie)

chloekatarinaWhy it’s great

Katarina’s 3rd skill will ignore defense if she is invincible. If you time it so Chloe casts fanatic and Katarina does her 3rd skill, the results are devastating to the enemy. Katarina just isn’t that useful on her own without getting additional help from Chloe.

Where it’s used

This is often seen in both AO, AD, and GW. Chloe just isn’t that strong in PVE content in general.

Randy ★★★ (Fire Bounty Hunter) + Copper★★★ (Wind Living Armor)

randycopperWhy it’s great

Copper’s damage scales up with the amount of defense he has. Randy has the ability to buff allies defense which makes Copper to more damage. Randy also buffs the team’s crit rate which makes Copper even more powerful.

In this combo, Randy helps Copper a lot but Copper doesn’t do much to help Randy in return.

Where it’s used

Generally, Copper is not that strong on AD, but this combo is very good in AO.

Lushen ★★★★ (Wind Joker) + Sieq ★★★ or Galleon ★★★★ or Aquila ★★★★ 

lushenSieqgalleonaquilaWhy it’s great

Lushen has one of the highest damage dealing AOE skills in the game. Sieq and Aquilla can boost Lushen With an Atk Power and Crit Rate buff. Galleon has the ability to increase atk power and def break all enemies at once. With this support setup, Lushen can do scary amounts of damage to all enemies. If the enemies don’t die with Lushen’s 3rd skill, then his 2nd skill is another AoE damage skill. If you’re lucky enough to pull 2 Lushens you could run them both with this support, which will flatten so many enemies.

Where it’s used

Occasionally this is tested in AD, but it really shines in AO. Players who have this combo are constantly looking for AD teams they can own with this combo. The combo gets even better if you can get a very fast Chloe on your team to make sure that your Lushen survives for the setup and attack.

This video showcases how powerful Galleon + multi-Lushens can be in Giants B10.

Seara ★★★★★ (Wind Oracle) + Jojo ★★★★ or Malaka ★★★★

searajojomalakaWhy it’s great

Jojo and Malaka are bombers. They install bombs on the enemy that detonate after 2 turns. Seara also can install bombs that detonate after 2 turns. But Seara has a special 3rd skill. She can instantly detonate all bombs that are on any enemies. So if you could time it so that Jojo plants bombs on everyone and Seara goes immediately after, she could detonate those bombs right away. Bombs can be incredibly strong and can easily kill the enemy.

Where it’s used

I’ve been wrecked by this team a few times in AD but to get the timing right, it’s best to use it in AO.

Leo ★★★★★ (Wind Dragon Knight) + Verdehile ★★★★ (Fire Vampire)

leoverdehileWhy it’s great

Leo has a passive skill that lowers all enemy speed to whatever Leo’s speed is. The only time this is effective is when you can boost Leo’s atk bar during the battle. Verde is the best at this since he has the potential of boosting all allies atk bar up 40% every turn.

If you happen to pull a Leo and wish to use him, it almost goes without saying that you need to have some atk bar booster in the team for Leo to become useful.

Where it’s used

You can use this team in AD but you run the risk of being burned down by high dmg attackers. This would be a good duo for AO.