[Guide] Will VS Nemesis VS Revenge

Guide by /u/madpugz ([SWAG]Scatfetis). Formated by Beathem

Summoners War Runes Guide – Will, Nemesis and Revenge

summoners war guide will nemesis revenge runesHi Team,

I am Scatfetis on global – formerly known as 15+ legends currently known as Chinese Popstar after my recent return from a business trip to China. I have a busy schedule of tour dates and interviews but while on my tour bus thought I’d take a moment to discuss a common rune dilemma. When do I use revenge, nemesis or will?

The context from which I discuss strategy is G3 – a personal preference of mine because I believe players can eventually figure out how to get to G1/G2 however G3 to legend is very difficult (without secret alliances and collusion). Also note that 80% of the time its better to pick runes with your best subs but because this is a G3 guide we will assume all of your runes are of equal quality

1 Second – High Level Guide

revenge rune summoners warnemesis rune summoners warwill rune summoners war

  • Mostly GW Monster – GO Will
  • Mostly Raid Monster – GO Revenge
  • Mostly Arena Monster – AD GO Nemesis, AO GO Will

BOOM! Done? GW/Raid are more self explanatory – Raid to get more hits off on the boss, debuff etc. Will in GW to create awkward situations for your opponents AO that are not easy to solve with only 3 AO mobs.

1 Minute – Arena Guide/Decision Tree

  • Am I using this unit on AO? – Is yes go will, if no continue
  • Does my unit have burst heal? – If yes go nemesis and > 40% resis, if no continue
  • Does my unit have AOE CC? – If yes go nemesis and > 40% resis, if no continue
  • Does my unit have low cool-downs (< 3turn) tanky with self-healing? – If yes go nemesis, if no continue
  • Is my unit a low cool-down (< 3 turn) fire type with relevant auto-attack (stun, gauge increase) ? – If yes go revenge, if not continue
  • Is my unit a high cool-down fire type (>3 turn) – If yes go will, if not continue
  • Is my unit water/wind and im still confused? – When in doubt default to nemesis – lushen is your biggest fear using these mobs – you need a chance to interrupt in order to get a turn in – exception would be if you’re using speed leader and are very fast (300 speed).

Single out a few units

  • Juno – Despair nemesis – could help vs bombs, cleave, can interrupt combos – Revenge / Will is not ideal
  • Ritesh/Kumar – if you have something to answer Zaiross on your AD already then go nemesis/violent (40-50% resis) to get some game VS bombs and cleave
  • Fire Desert Queen – if you have zaiross answer already go nemesis/violent (or despair but violent is better) with high resis and speed