Summoners War Guide Social Points Test

In this Summoners War Guide, you will understand the importance of Social Points. Social Points are those little red hearts which allow you to summon monsters (1, 2 or 3 stars). The truth is that the probability of getting a 3 star monster is very low, that is why many players don’t give enough importance to them, and, after some time, stop sending Social Points to their friends.

This Summoners War Guide will illustrate you the aspects related with Social Points. The bullets covered here are:

  • Social Points Testing: Probability of getting a 3 star monster, as well as 2 and 1.
  • Social Points analysis and performance

Pre Information

This guide is focused in all level of players, from level 1 to level 40. The following assumptions have been considered:

  • The calculations are based on an average player with 50 active friends.
  • Calculations are rounded with one decimal.

The analysis following is really basic and can be more accurate taking in consideration more factors, but the idea in this post is to give an approximate idea of the importance of Social Points in order to achieve goals.

Why are Social Points important?

As an introduction, Social Points are important because they are a free resource in Summoners War. Everything free is good, even if is small. You just need to click with your finger 50 times a day in order to get 5 free monsters, and even more if your friends send to you Social Points as well.

Probability of get 1, 2 or 3 stars monsters

Every time you summon with Social Points you have a chance of getting a monster ranged from 1 to 3 stars. Summoning have a cost of 100 Social Points, there is not any extra mana to pay. The maximum Social Points you can store is 1000 (equivalent to 10 summons).

In Beathem, we have performed a test where 25,000  Social Points have been used in order to summon 250 monsters. The results can be found below.

summoners war social points


We can see that there is a trend for each of the summoning grades. The table below shows the results of the probability for the 250 iterations accumulated. In Beathem, we know that 250 iterations might not be enough in order to give an exactly estimate, but we noticed that the probability distribution follows the same shape as the one when summoning Unknown Scrolls. A more detailed analysis with 1000 Unknown Scroll iterations have been performed here. The probabilities are really similar, therefore we estimated that it is not necessary perform more testing.

In the tble below you can see the probability of getting a 3, 2 or 1 star/s monster/s.


Social Points Performance Calculations

Assuming you have 50 friends, you can send them 10 Social Points, making a total of 500 Social Points/day (SP/day).

The reset time for sending Social Points is 24 hours, that means you can’t send more Social Points until the next day at the same time. Because of this, in Beathem we are assuming a Human Factor. The Human Factor is assuming that each of us will have a delay in sending Social Points. Nobody waits until the next day, exactly same time, to send Social Points. Therefore, an Human Factor of 0.8 is assumed (that means we give a margin of 0.2 x 24 hours = 4.8 hours delay in sending Social Points).

Then, we can receive Social Points from other players, a total of 50 players can send us Social Points every day. We need to apply the Human Factor as well because your friend will have a delay time as well (assumed 0.8).

Another factor is assumed for the calculations, the Inactivity Factor. Not all our friends will send us Social Points every day or use our rep monster, either because they find them useless, because they forgot, or because they did not log in. Therefore, it is right to assume an Inactivity Factor = 0.9, meaning that 5 out of 50 friends will not send us Social Point.

With all this information, it is feasible to proceed with the calculations:

  • Social Points sent = 50 friends x 10 Social Points/friend x 0.8 (Human Factor) = 400 Social Points / day
  • Social Points received = 50 friends  x 10 Social Points/friend x 0.8 (Human Factor) x 0.9 (Inactivity Factor) = 360 Social Points / day
  • Social Points received when friends use rep monster = 50 friends  x 10 Social Points/friend x 0.8 (Human Factor) x 0.9 (Inactivity Factor) = 360 Social Points / day
  • Total Social Points = 400 + 360 + 360 = 1120 Social Points / day

Every Monster Summon costs 100 Social Points, therefore is easy to calculate the following:

  • Total Social Points Monster Summons = 1120 / 10 = 11.2 Monsters/day

Now, we know the important number, we can summon an average of 11.2 Monsters/day. This seems pretty negligible so far, but, let’s continue with the analysis.

If we extrapolate calculations we can calculate the number of monsters every week, month and year:

  • Social Points Monsters / week = 78.4 Monsters/week
  • Social Points Monsters / month = 336 Monsters/month
  • Social Points Monsters / year = 4088 Monsters/year

In practical effects, you will get the same output summoning from Social Points that Summoning from Unknown Scrolls. But the difference is that you don’t need mana. In order to perform the same number of summons with Unknown Scrolls you will have the following mana expenses (300 mana needed to summon from Unknown Scroll):

  • Mana used in equivalence/day = 11.2 x 300 = 3,360 mana/day
  • Mana used in equivalence/week = 11.2 x 300 x 7 = 23,520 mana/week
  • Mana used in equivalence/month = 11.2 x 300 x 30 = 100,800 mana/month
  • Mana used in equivalence/year = 11.2 x 300 x 365 = 1,226,400 mana/year

It is not much mana but it is free mana, and free is always good.

Social Points Monster Summons Calculations and Equivalences

Here, we will show you, the average number of monsters you will get from Social Points Summons. Following the above calculations and knowing the probability of getting 1, 2 and 3 stars monsters we can calculate the following:

  • 1 Star Monsters/week = 78.4 Monsters/week x 0.745 = 58.4 ★ Monsters/week
  • 2 Star Monsters/week = 78.4 Monsters/week x 0.239 = 18.7 ★★ Monsters/week
  • 3 Star Monsters/week = 78.4 Monsters/week x 0.016 = 1.25 ★★★ Monsters/week

Now, it is easy to extrapolate for other periods of time:

  • 1 Star Monsters/month = 336 Monsters/month x 0.745 = 250 ★ Monsters/month
  • 2 Star Monsters/month = 336 Monsters/month x 0.239 = 80 ★★ Monsters/month
  • 3 Star Monsters/month = 336 Monsters/month x 0.016 = 5.3 ★★★ Monsters/month
  • 1 Star Monsters/year = 4088 Monsters/year x 0.745 = 3045 ★ Monsters/year
  • 2 Star Monsters/year = 4088 Monsters/year x 0.239 = 977 ★★ Monsters/year
  • 3 Star Monsters/year = 4088 Monsters/year x 0.016 = 65 ★★★ Monsters/year

This guide finish here.  We hope it gives you a better understanding of how important Social Points are for the proper develop of your metagame. Next time you get lazy in sending Social Points, think about the amount of resources you are giving up.

* If you have any comment or input for this guide base we encourage you to leave a comment in the comment box below.